Extensive skills within Process, Automation, Validation, Installation and Project Management makes us a complete supplier of complete plants and systems.

In our deliveries, we assist with everything from planning and implementation to deployment and tuning.

We are an independent supplier of components and equipment and we work with the most established manufacturers and suppliers in the market.



We have many years of experience in project management, process design and drawing work. We project and deliver complete process solutions which include everything from stainless mounting materials to process tanks. We are an independent supplier of components and buy process components as agreed with the customer.

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Automation is often a central part in our projects and supplies. Based on the customer and project needs and requirements, we develop customized system solutions that allows the process to work as efficiently and flexibly as possible.

We also have many years of experience building custom systems for recipe-controlled batch production with full traceability and tools for monitoring and analysis.

We also offer pure automation services, both consulting and complete system solutions including electrical construction and dimensioning, programming, startup and support.

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Quality Assurance


Our projects follows a documented structure to ensure the right level of quality assurance on our deliveries. The structure is simple and flexible to be able to fit both pharmaceutical and other industries where a documented quality assurance is requested.

For pharmaceutical projects we have use traceability towards all demands from quotation, through design and verification to OQ (operational qualification) which normally is the last step. Our goal is to make our deliveries appreciated by our customers as a strong link in their production chain providing high avaliability and production stability.

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We perform installation of stainless process application within food and pharmaceutical industries. In our deliveries we focus on hygienic design, installation and placing of pipes, process equipment and instrumentation.

Important parameters for a successful result are also the specific needs in the process plant and the customer's wishes.

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Within our contracts we can perform calibration on the equipment included in the deliveries. For this purpose we have calibrated equipment for the following units:

We also perform calibration as a separate service outside out projects!

Optimization and Troubleshooting

We can assist with optimization and trouble shooting in your plant. With our wide experience in process design and automated systems we can evaluate the whole chain controlling the efficency in the plant and also the quality of the end product.